Response to Workie Birie, the 11 ½ years EPRDF Member     


By Getachew Reda

This time it is becoming clearer than ever, to why the Ethiopian political opposition unity is easily destroyed in shorter time any time it gets its act together. Reason might varies, one recent coming to the surprised as a cause among the various reasons never came to our knowledge as a cause for the disuniting of the opposition was: - the hidden work of some defected x-EPRDF Diplomats, press workers who served the regime as recent as several years, to two years back before they told us they defected from TPLF.

 Rescuing Ethiopia from the Media Elite will be my recent article soon to be posted- stay tune for that. For now, let us examine the X- Diplomats of EPRDF member MR. Workie Birie’s recent article where he slander Dr.Taye and Eng. Hailu Shawul on his article “The new, the old, the Ethiopicide -By Workie Briye | December 17, 2007 “

In his recent article he wrote,


               Upon his arrival in the USA, the then president of KINIJIT allied himself with political groups, individuals, and talk radio hosts, all with dubious organizational standing, questionable motives, and suspect reputations, to say the least. This group did not spend much time before engaging in wild charges against few of the most cherished individuals, especially Dr. Berhanu and Wt. Birtukan. This group opened a 24/7 smear campaign against the other group by fabricating and reproducing rumors. To prove these spurious charges, they organized false and exaggerated testimonies, replete with nauseating small-talks, by individuals raged by envy, driven by personal vendetta. The campaign wedged by the pro Hailu group choreographed by Dr. Taye proved it self to be incapable, shallow, callused, backward, out of the time, mean-spirited, and corrupt. This campaign master-minded by Dr. Taye, perhaps endorsed, certainly acquiesced by Ato Hailu, caricatured these two individuals themselves as persons not having a hint of elementary civics and civility let alone a higher education with extensive experience in civil service, management, international business, diplomacy, and real time politics spanning over several decades

My Ethiopian brothers; this is a man who as you read it above quoted on his article slandering, belittling, degrading, dehumanizing these two  victims of his own party and his own government “TPLF/EPRDF”. Both are Ethiopian heroes, both were fighting the system which Workie Birie was serving and defending for 11 ½ (Eleven & half years). The same person was contributing to their suffering and agony while building his party EPRDF then, the same person is now still slandering his victims with out feeling a bit of spiritual or moral shame in his soul! Yes, you might be feeling shock to hear the same person still going after these two respected Ethiopians, but, you can’t help it; there are some natures who simply drop their moral and spiritual sense to the ground and act as the jungle cat on public after serving the very first system Workie Birie and his likes are currently condemning with us as if they didn’t built it to be the monster to suck the blood of Taye, Hailu and millions of millions of Ethiopians.

Since, I have dealt enough about him on another discussion forum where they accept his slanderous articles; I will only bring you the man who knows him better than you and I to tell us who this man is and his nature. I will only quote the highlights of this man’s nature in brief.

Do you recall an article presented by a former Ethiopian Diplomat who resides in Addis Ababa by the name “Ahmed Khalid” an article in title “what is Workie Birye Saber Rattling about?

He starting exposing this man as opportunist and continued saying    “…. Nonetheless, given his background, the style of the writings that he posted in his name does not support the claim that he is the actual author. Whatever the case, I did not expect him to be so unethically insulting and harassing his former colleagues, nor suspected that he harbored so much hatred to the current government and its Foreign Service, which he served with deep political commitment most likely emanating from his membership of the EPRDF party”.

Mr.Ahmed Khalid goes on and said:

“When I read your response to Dr. Tekeda’s open letter to Prof. Christopher Clapham, I felt like as if you have descended from another world with absolutely no knowledge of the Ethiopian history and political terrain. I am also surprised to note that you have already started masquerading yourself as a clean and heroic citizen with the right to pointing fingers at Ethiopian professionals who work for the civil service with or without political allegiance. Then again on a more sober note, I thought of you as a person who have conveniently forgotten your past. You seem to sound hysterically calling for the removal of the current government from power from a “safe distance” harbored in the pretext of “political asylum”. This hysteria is probably for your own consumption and for self-gratification, as you seem to be content with listening to your own voice.

It is no secret that Ethiopian history is awash with the history of political violence and you seem to shout hysterically for more of it to come as if you are possessed with some demon. What is the return for the transaction in the tragedy of your own country? Why are you trying to make capital out of the post-election sad events that happened in our country? To me your articles are motivated by sheer hatred and vanity”.

Catch this phrase from his collogue who knows him better than we do “ I am also surprised to note that you have already started masquerading yourself as a clean and heroic citizen with the right to pointing fingers at Ethiopian professionals who work for the civil service with or without political allegiance”
This is exactly what surprised as Mr.Ahmed was surprised to note that Mr.Workie Birie has already in shorter times here in America after his defection, masquerading himself as a clean and heroic citizen. Not only that, but what Mr. Ahmed saying is Workie was EPRDF member while the others were not EPRDF members. You will find his strong membership and the love he had for EPRDF a little later.

Mr. Ahmed asks who is
 Who is Workiye Birie anyway?

“Where did he get the guts to give an ultimatum to the staff of the Ethiopian Foreign Service to quit and defect or face consequences? To harass and abuse an Ethiopian professional for serving the country under this or that government? To engage in character assassination? To tell us that he is a “ hero” and a “savior” but we are the cadres of a ruling party serving under the belly of a tyranny?  Why is he so bitterly pointing fingers at others while what his former colleagues know about him is totally different?

Fact one: By his own admission he was an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (gallantly defending the same government in Brussels which he so much hates now) until he mysteriously and dramatically changed position.

Fact Two: The whole Ministry staff knows that he was a member of the EPRDF for more that 11 years. Everyone vividly remembers him singing the EPRDF song in front of the whole staff in one of the Party’s occasions. Some still believe that he was rewarded for that in different ways.

Fact Three:  He joined the ministry as a first secretary directly (at an older age) unlike most professionals who join immediately after graduation at much lower rank. His first posting was at the Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels as the governments Counsellor to the European Union. He stayed there for about seven years well beyond the normal cycle, which is usually five years.

Fact Four: When he was transferred back to the capital he came with all duty free goods including a brand new SUV.  He sold everything in the local market. God knows whether tax is paid on them or not when he left the country. As a lawyer he should know that tax evasion is a crime. An independent reader could now judge whether this man benefited from this system beyond his share of privileges.

Obviously he was busy amassing what he can while it was all-convenient, and he had to defect few months after his arrival back home. But all was well until he was called back to base. He was probably spoiled in Europe and could not contemplate life in his own country.  Otherwise, if he is not going to tell us that he has a mental and judgmental problem to solve, how come it took him 12 years to get the “true picture of the government”?

Dear Workie Birye,

 I believe the grudge started when you were called back while you wanted to stay more in Brussels, and again when you failed the exam for directorship at the ministry while much younger diplomats were successful. I believe the story that after 111/2  years as a member of the EPRDF, you calculated and changed sides thinking that your current bosses will come to power and you will be able to accompany them to the palace disguised as a patriot.  But when this grand cheat plan failed, like all opportunists before you, you now settled with your new bosses of convenience where you can discharge your hate propaganda against your own country’s diplomatic institution with out limits.

I find it difficult to buy your story of   “former diplomats” working with you in such a shameless way. You may have a couple of people working with you, however, I honestly do not think that “former diplomats” per se are actually shareholders of your hate propaganda company and approve of your way of “struggle” to power through insult, harassment and threats against your former colleagues and institution.

Dear readers,

Therefore, given his political and professional history at the Ministry and his unfair and undeserved benefits he illegally amassed, how neurotic he must be to tell us that he is a hero, while the rest of us are a bunch of cadres.  He is indeed unprofessional and unethical that he uses information he got in the line of duty (whether that particular information is correct or not) to harass or abuse others.


You should be the last person to talk about principle. However, the bottom line is, please stop implying that Civil Servants are a kind of traitors. Service to the Ethiopian State will out live your mortal aspiration for shortcut to power, which is doomed from inception to lead our beloved country to disaster. You should also know as an Ethiopian and, if you were a professional diplomat you claim to be, how could you supply defamatory information about your own country and its Foreign Service?
If you think that it is O.K. to give information, which you claimed to have come across while on official duty, to the propaganda machinery of the enemies of the country (remember Shaabiya), then it may not stop only as an issue of moral bankruptcy, but you shall have a legal case to resolve.”

Dear Ethiopian brothers and siters and our elderly patriot Ethiopians: Leave the theory of the other Diplomat how he saw his view regarding TPLF/EPRDF aside. But, only concentrate to what he had to say to tell us to know who this Werkie Birie is at this time coming out with a full slandering and defaming campaign agonist the most respected Ethiopians Dr.Taye and Eng.hailu Shwul the very first victim of his own government while he was there building the system as a member of it for 11 & 1/2 (Eleven and Half years long, long years) singing the EPRDF song whom every EPRDF Diplomat remember Wrkie Birie for singing it in front of all of them! Strange? Well, if we are fools continue to be fooled as we were and are now getting fooled by X- Diplomats who were our very first abusers of our leaders and people give them a breathing space here to slander our leaders again twice- well, I am sorry, we deserve it, if we do not challenge and expose each of them and the media elites who are helping them to breath their hate towards our respected leaders, they will continue spoiling the unity and the struggle. Ethiopia will prevail!





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